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Friends, good pet care, hope

I am very happy tonight that I have found some communities that interest me, I guess it took awhile for me to figure out how to get where I was interested. The people are very nice so far and I've seen alot of hope for the future of some dogs, there seem to be alot of good people out there. I am such a skeptic by nature that it makes me feel good that other than myself there are people who care. I do realize that there are people who are terrible to animals also but knowing there are good ones also helps. I have been trying to join stupid pet owners but so far they haven't let me know if I was able to join, bummer. I would be a good candidate because I'm opinionated but yet subtle, I hate people who are stupid with animals.

My friend who has the cat to find a home for makes me mad, I found a home for the cat with a very nice lady. She really didn't want a cat but was willing to take it, she sounds like she has a good heart. My friend thought the cat would do bad because the woman had 3 small dogs, she thought the cat would die from shock. Sorry to say but I don't buy that, I have a cat who freaked when she seen my dogs but in time she got used to them and now she could care less. I don't think my friend realizes that getting rid of a cat is not easy, nobody wants a cat it seems. She is bound and determined to find the perfect home but I think she's in for a sad realization. I'm curious to see what will happen when she has to bring the cat to the shelter, is she going to tell them that the cat can't go to a home with dogs. How anal. You never turn down a home, there are so many animals that don't have homes so if you find one let it go.

The girls drove us nuts today, I don't know if something is in the water or what but the fighting was non stop. I ended up putting them in their bedrooms to stay apart if they couldn't get along. Then the grandparents came up, we took them snowshoeing which grandpa didn't like. He is a bit overweight and had problems putting the shoes on etc. The trail was nice, the girls made it about a quarter way and wanted to just walk so we took their snowshoes off. I worked up a good sweat, can't say as that was bad. It was bad though that my oldest who is 6 was afraid of grandma, poor grandma had hurt feelings before she left. She wouldn't sit by her at the restaurant, wouldn't hug her goodbye or stand next to her for a picture. I don't know what that was about but it has never been that way before, I hope she was tired and that was the cause of it. Maybe grandma should take a day of work off from the 400 sick ones she is hoarding and come and see her grandkids. Not my problem, kids are smart and they will figure it out sooner or later.

Tomorrow is a big day of icefishing, I hope the weather is nice since I don't do cold. It would be even nicer if we caught some fish.

Babysitting blues, shedding

I have been on the fence as far as finding a babysitter or as my girls call them-girl sitters because they aren't babies anymore. Sigh, another sign of them growing up. I flopped last year, I found twins believe it or not, they were awesome and they were my friends cousins so I knew them for awhile. I sorta ticked them off, I need to know within a reasonable time if they could watch the girls so I had an issue once when they didn't call back. I mentioned it to my friend who told them I'm sure and the next thing you know they aren't doing it anymore. I am so frustrated, I need someone this summer so I can ride my horse a couple times a week. I have no idea what the going rate is, I ask other sitters and all I get is "oh whatever". I hate to be the bearer of bad news to these girls but if I don't have a clue then how can I pay accordingly, my friends don't have any answers as far as how much they pay because they do all day everyday. I think I pay pretty darn good for a couple hours. I sent a notice to the schools and I got not one call so that was sorta annoying, I was jumping to make money during the summer but in this day do kids want to work.

I spent most of today outside, the warmest day we have had so far this winter. We had a friend over so another one came and we all went sledding for a good two hours. It was not a pleasant day, we had meltdown upon meltdown with different girls so I think being it is Fri. they had a overwhelming week. I feel sorry for some of the dads, they are going to be in misery once the girls become teenagers. The neighbor girl walked down, she called to see if she could come sledding but we must have already been outside. I have a spotless house for the moment so I really didn't want a bunch of kids inside, I basically told the neighbor that she couldn't come over. Shame on me, I need to enjoy my clean house for atleast one day.

The inlaws are supposed to come tomorrow, they are saying freezing rain in the morning so I don't know if they will be coming or not. The girls will enjoy seeing them so I don't care and all I have to do cleaning wise is the bathroom and how long can that take.  I can't wait to see how one bathroom is going to work when the girls are teenagers, that will be interesting.

The dogs had a blast sledding, the older one has OCD with her ball, she chases it as long as someone is willing to throw it. My husband thinks she is going in the head, I give her a pill to help her from leaking pee when she sleeps. She licks at the air and imaginary bugs, it's funny but weird. I suppose a side effect from the pill would be my guess. The younger one has so much energy, makes my wonder where she gets it from, she runs in deep snow looking for deer non stop.

I need to brush my cats, the hair on the one bad. She lays on something and oh gross, she leaves a pile of hair no matter where she lays. I have all these brushes so I need to get off my butt and use them. Tomorrow..

I was able to clean out the water tank out in the barn, refilled that and while I was waiting I brushed the little turd. He did excellent which surprised me, I didn't even have to tie him up. I did the other one too while he was eating his grain, they are both looking really nice so I'm happy about that.

I hope to get the girls into bed halfway early tonight so they aren't a nightmare tomorrow. I'm quite awake for once and I have nothing to read or do, I suppose I could pick up a pen and write some letters..

Bad pet ownership, cleaning

Hmm.. that was weird, I just was into my second paragraph of rambling when my screen went blank and I lost all I wrote. Not that I had that much interesting stuff to say but that isn't the point. I may have hit something I suppose. Anyways back to the start of my day.. I volunteered at school in the oldest ones class, there really is no reason for me to be there but the teacher seems to think she needs my help. I have come to the conclusion that I do not know how to make a heart and some of the kids pretty much told me that I suck. Ha ha. I found some new websites for the kids thru the school website so I have been encouraging them to go on that instead of the crappy Webkinz one.

After school one of the oldest ones friends came over and did every puzzle we own, after that they wanted to go outside. It was cold earlier in the day but when we went outside it was really nice out. I took them sledding for about an hour and then the friends mom came so that ended all the great fun. When we were waiting for hubby to get home I went and let the old horse into the barn so he could eat his grain in peace. I forgot I had him loose so he managed to open the sliding door and get loose in the yard, of course he took off running towards my kid who was freaking out. Good thing he stayed on the trail and went right by, he did turn around and come back to me since I had a bucket of grain. I really didn't want to have to chase a horse around being I was the only one home and can't exactly leave the kids home alone. I'll have to refigure out the way I feed him so he can't get out again.

My red room is really growing on me lately, it will look really good when we have curtains and wall hangings on it.

My friend has a cat she's trying to give away, I am so disgusted with people when they do stuff like this. They had renters and they left to live with his parents, they were going to leave the cat outside instead of taking her to the shelter. My friend of course says they can't leave the cat outside being she's an indoor cat and declawed. She has her in the house for now but her husband says they can't keep her. So.. I have been looking for a home for her and I doubt I'll find one being there are so many cats that need homes, why are people so stupid.. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope the miraculous home will come along.

Cold lazy day, baking, playdates etc.

It was another one of those days, barely out of the single digits unfortunetely so going outside was not an attractive option for my girls. The sun was shining so that was a plus, it always makes for a good day when your spirits are up. I am so discouraged about my photography skills, the internet really makes me realize how bad mine are. I should haul out my film Canon, that always did take great pictures. Since I tried to snap my lens to a straight angle and thought I broke it I haven't touched it. It seems to be fine since I took the lense off and put it back on so I should make myself use it more. I had a "professional" photographer come over 2 years ago and she took some around our property, honestly I was not impressed. I thought I could have done just as good as a job if not better, she did not wow me and the girls were tired and cranky. Just an all around bad day for pictures to be honest, as parents know it isn't worth it if they aren't in the mode.
I'm afraid I'm missing out on all those special moments that we'll never get back, my youngest loves when I empty totes so then she makes them into boats with all of her carebears.  My 6 year old loves to put her makeup on before school and that takes forever to do, as a mom who does not wear any I guess I'll never understand the time it takes. Especially since it pretty much comes off before we even get to school. My goal for this year is to take more un-posed pictures of the kids, just them being kids.

The 6 year old had a playdate with a neighbor girl today, I have issues with some parents but we don't live in an area where there are alot of kids to play with. The other mom and me both agree, they will either be friends or they won't but for now we try to encourage it. It does my two good to get away from each other, a break always makes them appreciate each other more. Next week once it warms up we can all haul out the sleds and do the regular get together.

I have been exploring sites on natural living, I am shocked and amazed at the extreme levels that I have come across. I think it is great that there are people out there who care about our environment as much as they do, I wish my husband would get on board with some. I can be pretty confident that he would recycle without me but I'm still picking things out of the garbage that he could have thrown in a bag. I think my husband would be more on board if I brought the stuff down to the recycle center more often, I let it build up in our front porch which is big so alot of stuff can be out there. Something to work on for myself.

I made brownies with the girls today, I apparently missed the baking gene in the family. How can you overcook brownies-sigh. I hate sweets so that is a good thing but I'd like one thing to turn out that I bake. My mom baked cookies twice with our 4 year old and they came out excellent so I'm discouraged. On the flip side I do cook alright when I want to, I have 5 nights of crockpot recipes and so far they have all been fairly good. Some weeks I love to cook and others I avoid it at all costs.

The girls are playing, we told the 6 year old to get her pajama's on 20 minutes ago.. Lets just say they aren't on yet, that one there reminds me of my mother in law, she takes forever to do anything. Take a deep breath and relax..

We should be planning our girls night out pretty soon, trying to get a night all 4 of us can go has been a headache. Our one friend just passed her test to become a citizen, she's originally from Laos. She is very excited so we want to take her out to celebrate, she knows more about the United States then we do.. What do we all talk about, not our children, never.

I still have not figured out how to post pictures on this thing, my friend has been trying to do it from another state over the phone and emails. I'm sorry to disappoint her but I'm just not smart on this thing. Just give it up if your reading this!!  Today I tried to email some pictures I took of the girls sledding to a friend, somehow I got into a program and then I couldn't get out, geez.. Either I'm really dumb or people are really smart, ha ha.

I'm going thru my turning the phone off phase again, I wonder why I do that. Every couple months I shut it off for a couple weeks and let the machine pick it up. Maybe just sick of the same shit different day. I try to play with the kids more and not be on the phone so much, I feel bad when I waste hours on the phone and realize I do nothing with the kids.

Tomorrow we have no major plans, my husbands parents might come up which is fine. They annoy me but I have my moments where I like them, his mom has really backed off the past year which is great. I have had it holding my tongue, if you make me mad then you will hear about it. Life is to short to stress about things.

Growing up

Sigh.. why can't I just learn to grow up,  I feel like a overly big kid who wants to protect my girls at all costs which has turned into some embarrasing things.  My older one is getting to that phase where MOM could easily embarrass her,  you know the kiss in the classroom before I leave.  How are we to know that that is so not cool in kindergarten?!!  I was looking at them both last night and I'm saddened that they are growing up SO fast,  the little one was so bad as a baby I couldn't wait for her to get older.  Now she is so much fun I wish we could stand still at this age forever,  if someone ever makes that pill to stand time still I bet they'll be the most successful.  Then we have the issues of getting ready for school,  how can one be so on it and the other be so not on it??  I have to yell and holler at the older one and the little one is telling me " mom take a chill pill", pretty sad when your kids have to tell you to calm down.  I had two of the older daughters friends over yesterday after school,  the one is hard for me sometimes due to the non stop bossiness and sassiness.  I had enough and made them get dressed for outside,  we went sledding and then I took them for a hell walk in the woods to look for deer antler sheds.  The snow was deep so by the time we headed back I had 4 little girls lagging behind saying they were tired.  I feel sorry for the parents of the two I sent home,  no doubt later that night they were crabby little things.  I'm bound and determined to not be part of the overweight epidimec,  is hard for me in the winter due to my dislike of the cold.  The girls have so much fun sledding that I can suffer thru the weather for their sake.  Today after school the neighbor invited the girls over for a couple hours so maybe I'll go do my Walmart shopping.  If I'm alone I can look at labels and try to be more up on buying USA made products.

I was supposed to volunteer in class yesterday but I had to get some grocery shopping done,  I have to get my butt in gear and get more organized.  The teacher is really nice,  I hope she doesn't retire before the little one gets to her class.  I feel sorry for some of the teachers,  hard to believe how bad some of these kids are.  You'd like to think that all parents are teaching them good things for life but one little girl was so proud that her mom smoked and drank (alot).  I wonder how the mom would have felt had she known that,  I'd have been horrified if that was my daughter.  Luckily I have no bad habits to embarrass me aside from my morning stress.  Not sure how homeschool moms can do it because I am not sure I could handle it,  call me selfish to let the school teach my child.  I'm still annoyed with the one mom who wouldn't be up front about not letting her daughter come over,  I acted 12 when I dropped off at school and ignored her still.  Grow up!!  I have to remember that I'm teaching my girls all my bad habits when I do stuff like that.

Today is going to be the last nice day before the cold front comes again,  they are saying single digits over the weekend.  I should get out and clean the barn again and brush the horses.  I would love to go for a ride,  maybe I'll take my older horse who is smarter if we hit a ice patch.  If I don't post to my journal tomorrow figure he killed me-ha ha.  I also need vaccuum bags,  I wonder if I can buy a new filter for mine.  Picking up all this dog/cat hair cannot be good for mine,  I should really shave the one cat due to the hair she leaves EVERYWHERE.  Ah.. to love animals..

I'm going to the chiropractor this morning for a maintenence check and then I may go to the hospital to see about volunteering somewhere.  I am bound and determined to find my interest,  I want to help somewhere but I guess the only way to know is to look around.

My friend stopped over last night and hooked up my printer,  we are so dumb.  We didn't have the USB (I think) cable hooked up,  my husband did it so it's more his fault.  I love writing letters so I'm thrilled to be able to type when I get really behind like right now.  This evil computer consumes most of my time I haven't written any letters.

Non ambitious, cold,

Brrr.  today I cannot get warm no matter what I do,  somedays are just like that I suppose.  We got 4 inches of snow last night and it's still coming down as I speak,  I like snow so it doesn't bother me.  My husband just took the girls and left for our friends house,  he's going cross country skiing and the girls can play with their friend.  I have no interest in leaving the house today,  maybe I'll cook something really high in fat and good in flavor!!  I have the munchies big time today,  I should get on the treadmill instead of looking in the back of the fridge or the cupboards for some unknown goodie I may have stashed at some time.  Around here you have to hide good food or my husband will gobble anything up that I might want down the road.  I started a fire late this morning,  hasn't been doing to well at heating the house up.  I should go down and push it around a bit,  get the coals moving so it throws more heat.  Think I'd look stupid if I huddled with my cat by the furnace vent to get any heat the stove is throwing up.. ha ha.

I have to go outside and water my horses,  I should have done it before we got this cold snap but as usual I was to lazy so now I'll have to go out and freeze to do it.  The horses could use more hay anyways,  it has been a horrible day weather wise so far so anything extra I'm sure they'll appreciate.  I've been really paranoid about running out of hay before spring,  we had such a crappy summer that I had to feed hay earlier than ever before.  I don't know how the hay situation is out there but I know alot of farmers didn't get a second crop so that concerns me if we don't have enough.  Sigh the joy of owning horses.. what would I have to stress about if I get rid of my horses someday..

I don't believe how lazy I am,  I cannot get enough gumption to do ANYTHING which is really sad.  I should get in our bedroom and clean off all the dressers,  there are papers that need to go in the file cabinet and pictures all over.  I hate having a messy bedroom,  makes me feel very disorganized.  I could take a nap,  that's always a given for me when I have no ambition.  I doubt the family will be back for a couple hours so I could.  Hubby wants to grill chicken out tonight,  I think he's crazy since it's snowing steady but whatever floats his boat.

I could work on trying to figure out how to reduce the sizes of some pictures,  obviously it can't be that hard so if I try and concentrate I should be able to get it.  Some things I think I overanalyze which makes it harder to do,  alot of people do that so I have to get over that.

Playdates,frigid, stupidity

Holy toledo was it cold today,  much much worse than yesterday.  I hate being cooped up in this house,  I enjoy going and puttering around doing something.  Of course I spend money on things I really don't need and usually I don't have any extra money.  Today the girls went to some friends from school,  the mom is really nice and exchanges playdates every so often which is more than I can say about the average mom I know.  They have a beautiful old victorian type house,  it has been remodeled but they still have the old hardwood floors in good shape.  I tried to convince her to show me the basement but she was horrified that someone wanted to go down there.  Shit we all have cobwebs and clutter down there so not a big deal to me.  Maybe I have a obsession with the old houses,  maybe someday she'll show me around.  Oh and of course they did cancel school again today so we have had a nice break this week.  I wonder if the school makes the kids make up these days at the end of the year,  that would probably change my tune if I knew that.  I did nothing of excitement while the girls were gone,  took a half hour nap and laid in the sun watching tv.  Shame on me I know but it felt so good to be able to nap and worry about what the kids are doing,  usually you have to sleep half assed with one ear open for trouble.

I love the old abandoned houses I've been looking at along with a great many other people,  I seen one today that they said was for sale so I asked how much it was.  Oh my god are people crazy..  for a house that's ready to fall down with 17 acres they wanted $329,000.  That's crazy,  I thought perhaps maybe around $100,000 due to the land.  I guess that's why it's still for sale.  Maybe our state is really cheap compared to others around the states.

The animals today were not happy to have to go outside,  I had to make all of the dogs go out.  After about 5 minutes they were holding paws up due to the cold,  I'd hate to be a dog.  I sure feel sorry for all those tied out dogs that people tend to ignore,  what a happy life...sigh.

I am really in a disgruntled mood,  I was talking to a friend and she asked if I got the newsletter from the animal shelter here in town.  I did not get it so I called there and asked the manager how come I don't get it,  she asked me if I donated to the shelter.  I do bring catlitter up around christmas time every year which I told her and she said "oh you don't do money?"  So basically because I don't do money they won't send me the newsletter..  Not impresses since I've adopted 3 cats and a dog from the shelter over the years but I guess that doesn't count.  I know I shouldn't be so petty but that really annoys me,  they should send it out anyways just to keep people informed about animal health and other important things.  Tomorrow the family and me are going to another animal shelter that has moved it's location,  my husband insists on going with me so I don't come home with another animal.  I'm pretty sure I am in control of that since I have 5 animals in the house already.  I just want to see the new shelter and I'm good at talking people into adopting animals.  I hate the way people walk into the shelter bringing puppies and kittens like they are a gift,  little do they know that most of them get euthanized due to peoples stupidity.  Sigh..  It's a war that will never be won and I know that you can't save them all but so much of the over population could be reduced if people would use their heads.  Anyways..

The husband rented two movies tonight,  has he ever tried to watch a movie with the girls in the house??  I doubt I'll make it thru one more or less two and I've never heard of one of them.  We were invited over to some friends house but then he came home with the movies so we decided to stay home instead.  The friends kid is a bossy little thing so I don't care if we go or not,  I get sick of the constant bully attitude.

bitter cold, ambitious and content

Oh dear it is cold today but since they have been predicting this I guess I can't complain,  school today was cancelled but it was a given.  I doubt we'll have any tomorrow either but you never know,  I accomplished so much with them not being in school.  Ha ha maybe I should homeschool,  my house would be spotless and my husband would have high expectations.. not.  I started a fire in the basement and cleaned up some,  I don't collect clutter so I don't have that much to do.  I bleached where my cat has been peeing,  mopped parts where there was puke and any other stains.  I love having a fire although I'm always paranoid about my house going up in flames,  I'm not that good about knowing my way around the wood stove.  I got most of my house fairly clean,  I swear papers breed at night while we are sleeping.  I recycle everything I can and I just can't get a hand on my papers,  everytime I turn around I have more.  I find that hard to believe since I call and request to be put on any do not send list for all that crap mail.  My other good cat has been huddled by the vent keeping warm,  I never had a cat who loved heat as much as this one. 

The girls had a busy day,  one went to her friends from school for a couple hours and the other went to grandmas to bake cookies.  I feel like such a lousy mom sometimes,  I hate anything to do with cooking/baking.  Hard to believe God gave me girls since I am so not girly,  maybe that's a form of punishment for something I did in a previous life.  Ha.
I should be more into the baking and whatnot but they fight constantly about who gets to do what,  it gets old when they fight over everything.  I have to say that I toss a bunch of things we bake so we are either bad bakers or nobody likes sweets in this house. 

I'm trying beef stew for supper,  I'm never impressed with the recipies for stew.  The base always seems so blah but I like alot of flavor,  I guess we'll find out shortly how it tastes.  Since I am trying to cook healthier I suppose the taste shouldn't be to great,  does anything low fat ever taste as good as all that fat?!  I have been trying to find new recipies,  we are so sick of eating the same thing.  I wish my husband wasn't such a meat and potatoe man,  I'd try some vegetarian recipies.  Men are so anal about what they will and won't eat.

I've been trying to figure out how to upload pictures and I am so dumb,  it can't be that hard but I have problems.  I will someday look at say "oh my gosh how easy was that".  Atleast I hope so.  This thing still causes me great frustrations.

I think if I lived in a bigger city than what we do I'd have a shopping addiction,  when I go to these box stores and see the word clearance I swear I start drooling.  What do I need with 5 sweaters for $5 each,  I pretty much wear the same thing.  I don't think I will go shopping with my husbands brothers wife next weekend,  I really don't enjoy shopping and I don't have money to spend foolishly.  If I buy stuff for next year I tell myself that I'll be thinner then,  isn't that the way it'll always be..


Shame on me today which happens to be a Sat.,  I sat on this computer for a couple hours looking at abandoned houses and buildings.  This thing is highly addicting which does not impress me any,  I really need to set guidelines with myself along with my children.  My husband made supper tonight because I was so engrossed with looking at peeling paint and junk.  I'm sure I'll have to suck up later in order to let me live that down.

They just went downhill skiing for a couple hours and the little one is at grandma's making cookies,  I volunteered to play games but nobody trumps grandma with that one.  Oh well atleast we'll get some good cookies to eat..  I of course could go and do something constructive but I could also look up things on this thing.

We went looking for a computer desk today,  what a huge expense for what little we want.  I am pretty anal about buying made in USA and try and find a whole lot that sells that!?  It is more expensive but if I buy USA made then I keep jobs in our country.  I honestly can't afford one for awhile anyways but just to price them and see how much they run.  I hate going to furniture stores as is,  you walk in the door and they swoop on you like a bunch of vultures. 

I hope we are more ambitious tomorrow,  it's supposed to get bitter cold this next week so we best take advantage of the nice weather while we can.

We are supposed to get together with some family in a couple weeks,  not all impressed with the idea.  They never called on our kids birthdays and never acknowledged the birthdays when we were together for the holidays.  Now one of their kids is having an upcoming birthday,  I sure don't feel like going.  I can be so petty and I know it but it bugs me no matter what I tell myself.  We don't always go to parties but we always call and wish the birthday person a happy birthday anyways.  I guess we'll have to see once it gets closer but at this point I really don't want to go.


It's early morning and I have nothing exciting planned for today so I figured I may as well get my journal done before I forget again later.  I dropped the kids off at school and again today they have a sub,  the regular teacher must be sick.  I'm very happy at how much the kids enjoy school,  I was nervous for awhile but they seem to really really like it.  I'm happy for my little one too because now they both have their own friends instead of me bribing the older ones to let the younger one play.  People say that kids can be mean and boy do you see it the older the kids get,  it's sad in a way for alot of the kids who don't have alot of friends.  I try and encourage my kids to be nice to everyone because you never know what will happen down the road and they may need those friends.  I talked to one of the moms after we dropped the kids off and she was talking about how I got out of doing PTO and other volunteer things.  I don't feel I have to participate when nobody else wants to do it,  why don't other parents want to get involved??  I've heard bad things about how nobody wants to do the work so one or two people end up doing it.  I have gotten very discouraged with trying to better myself in the volunteer world,  I know I haven't found the "thing" that grabs me yet or makes me feel good about my doing it.  I enjoy helping people who seriously need it,  I was at the bank and a guy had his walker trying to step up onto the sidewalk.  He was obviously having issues,  he couldn't get his foot up so I asked him if he needed a hand.  I didn't know how to go about helping so I asked him if I could lift his leg up,  after I got him up and to the door he told me he had MS and had trouble stepping.  Good for the guy,  being out and about with having MS.  Many people would have stayed home and had other people do their running.  He was grateful that I helped him and I felt good for the first time in a long time.  I know a great many people would have walked by him and not offered to help so I need to find something to volunteer at that makes me feel good.  I had a hard time donating to the Salvation Army this year,  I made a agreement with a friend that she would donate to the animal shelter and I would do the above.  I know a great many people who abuse the Salvation Army,  they don't need the help but instead play the system for everything they can get.  I know not all people are like that but I have a hard time shaking her greediness.  I did do it and I like to think that someone who seriously needed the help got it and not the deadbeats who don't.

I was going to take the dogs for a walk today but it is not nice out,  very bitter air.  The dogs are holding paws up due to the cold ground so I don't think they would enjoy it.  I made an appt. with a dog groomer to do my little dog,  I have a hard time paying for someone to shave my dog.  She needs her face trimmed up and her ears plucked so I hope all goes well when she's there.  I'm also going to go and get my hair cut the same day,  I hate paying $20 for a dumb haircut,  to be a boy..

No particular goal today,  maybe take our christmas tree down,  yes it's Jan. 9 and we are pathetic but the kids like it.  I could make a nice supper,  I have really been trying to be more healthy.  The kids are totally one board with the healthy so I'm thrilled about that,  wait until I bring in some odd vegetables,  that'll be the test.